La Marzocco espresso machine

La Marzocco and Alchemy Coffee

Alchemy Coffee is a green coffee importer, speciality roastery and coffee wholesaler and retailer. We choose to work with La Marzocco because they share the same passion and precision to create the perfect espresso.
But it’s more than that….

We have always said –

“If I had to go to war armed only with an espresso machine - I would choose a La Marzocco”.


Because they are built like tanks – beautiful, hard-working, precise, efficient, unstoppable tanks.

You can work all day on a La Marzocco and they just eat it up.

Through Alchemy and our event company Ristretto we have owned and worked with La Marzoccos for 15 years. We sell them, we use them and we service them. We own roughly 50 of them as I type this.

1000 coffee days from a 2 group La Marzocco are by no means unusual. We have put nearly 110 tonnes of coffee through La Marzocco machines in our time. – That’s just US – not our wholesale customers.

We have shipped La Marzocco machines to events all over Europe and you have to be confident that they are going to work when they get there. A coffee bar without a coffee machine is not going to be very popular.

The first La Marzocco machine that we bought was a 2003 Linea Classic 2 group AV. It has been used at events, it has been used at Glastonbury to make coffee for the artists and it has been in the cafes of a few of our wholesale customers. It is currently in what we have come to think of as its spiritual home – Lizzy’s on the Green in Newington Green making great coffee. And another of our customers – Tina We Salute You has a 1998 Linea Classic that is working away every day as well.

Add to this unstoppable capacity to work - twin boilers and saturated groups and you have a temperature stable machine that makes amazing coffee and just keeps going.

So that’s why we choose La Marzocco. Look around your favourite, high-quality cafes and you will see that a lot of other café owners have put their faith here too.

Give us a call and we will be happy to use our experience to help you choose the coffee machine that is going to power your café for many years to come.


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