El Salvador La Avila Filter

£27.00 (1000g)

Notes of Hazelnut, Chocolate & Raisin

We’re big fans of Lucia Ortiz’ coffees - no secret there. But how could you not when you’ve got rich hazelnut, chocolate & raisin notes from this beautiful washed Red Bourbon from La Avila farm in El Salvador.

Give this one a try and become a fan yourself too!

*Although we make every attempt to have seasonal coffee available to order, occasionally some products  are not available to ship immediately because we are in the process of hand-roasting them.*

The roastery dispatch web orders via Royal Mail weekly. For faster delivery please contact sales@alchemycoffee.co.uk

Also available for wholesale customers

  • Product Type :   Coffee
  • Brew Method :   Filter
  • Country :   El Salvador
  • Processing :   Washed
  • Variety :   Red Bourbon