Elixir Espresso Version XIX


With notes of mandarin, cherry & cola.

The coffees from Finca San Sebastian in Guatemala are on the list of our all-time favourites. So much so, that Elixir’s 19th iteration is made 100% of a Natural Red Bourbon from this farm. Loyal to its previous versions, this espresso roast coffee has a citrus and fruity profile with Mandarin and Cherry flavours that deserve to be showcased on their own.

100% Guatemala, Red Bourbon, Natural.

The roastery dispatch web orders via Royal Mail weekly. For faster delivery please contact sales@alchemycoffee.co.uk

Also available for wholesale customers

  • Product Type :   Coffee
  • Brew Method :   Espresso
  • Country :   Guatemala
  • Processing :   Natural
  • Variety :   Red Bourbon

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