Occupying a unique space in the UK coffee industry, Alchemy is an importer and roaster,
retailer and wholesaler; we are trainers, engineers and baristas.
We have great passion for the quality of the coffee that we buy, roast and sell
but equally for the customer service we provide. 
We work with passion, pride, and integrity
and believe that what we do is a craft - a blend of art, skill, science and technology.

Our coffee is hand roasted in Southwest London on an 85-year old reconditioned coffee roaster which gives the best of both worlds– the stability of the older machines –but fully controllable and measureable with modern temperature probes and control and monitoring systems.

Each roast is crafted to bring out the inherent flavours of that particular coffee and region.


Around 70% of our coffee is now imported by Direct Tradewhere we work closely with our partners in regions including Central and South America. 

We pay a price that reflects the quality of our coffee –always far in excess of the Fairtrade price.

Our coffee is available at :
Specialty coffee shops including : Lantana, Lizzy's on the Green, Small White Elephant and our own cafe, Alchemy Ludgate;
Hotels and restaurants including : The Dorchester, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester (3 Michelin stars); Ellory, (1 Michelin star).
and at a range of cafés and restaurants throughout the UK and Europe.